The best natural skincare routine with Mad Hippie

If simplicity and sustainability are part of your skincare criteria, you’ll want to get to know Mad Hippie. Though its cheeky name and colorful, bubble-adorned labels give off a playful vibe, this brand is serious about effective, natural skin care.

“Mad Hippie really hits a sweet spot when it comes to balancing simple skin care options with effective active ingredients,” says LovelySkin Vice President Nancy Schlessinger. “It will really resonate with people who are looking for a minimalist routine that is still rich with benefits.” Ready to learn more? We are here to answer your questions about this exciting natural skincare line, including:

  • Who created Mad Hippie?
  • What makes Mad Hippie skin care natural?
  • What products should I try for the best natural skincare routine?

Who created Mad Hippie?

Mad Hippie founders Sam and Dana Stewart call themselves “hippies on a mission.” After moving to Central America as newlyweds and embracing an active life of swimming and surfing, they noticed all their time in the sun taking a toll on their skin. They were inspired to create a simple, natural skincare line of not only sunscreen for outdoor adventures but also antioxidant-powered skincare that would help protect and nourish the skin around the clock. Thus, Mad Hippie was born in Austin, Texas, in 2009. The company continues to embrace the motto of “minimal routine, maximal results” with simple formulas with minimal ingredients designed to solve common skin problems such as rough texture, discoloration, and acne.

What makes Mad Hippie skin care natural?

Mad Hippie’s collection of natural skin care includes a full range of facial skincare and sunscreens for the face and body. All products are free of petroleum, parabens, phthalates, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. They are also cruelty-free and vegan, certified by the Leaping Bunny Program and PETA.

Sustainability is another guiding principle for Mad Hippie. All of the brand’s tubed products–sunscreen, face cream, eye cream–are packaged in sugarcane bio resin tubes, which are recyclable and made without petroleum for a lower carbon footprint. The company also offers customers a way to recycle empty product packaging, such as rubber bottle tops and plastic seals, for free by mail through TerraCycle.

What products should I try for the best natural skincare routine?

Ready to learn more about natural skincare with Mad Hippie? Here are a few of some of the brand’s most popular formulas and top sellers.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

A morning staple in your natural skincare routine, this facial serum combines the antioxidant-rich trio of vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid to help smooth rough texture, brighten skin tone, and protect skin from future photoaging. It also contains hyaluronic acid for an instant plumping effect and konjac root, a nutrient-rich Asian botanical that acts as a natural moisturizer.

Mad Hippie Super A Serum

This anti-aging skin care serum features three retinoids plus bakuchiol, a natural retinol alternative, to improve sun-damaged skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. Retinoids are best applied at night because they can cause sun sensitivity, so this product belongs in the evening half of your natural skincare routine after cleansing.

Mad Hippie Jelly Cleanser Duo

Speaking of cleansing, meet Mad Hippie’s beloved face wash, a unique oil-based gel-to-milk cleanser that helps melt away makeup, dirt, and excess oil without drying out your skin. This duo features two four-ounce tubes, so you can keep one at home and pack another in your gym or travel bag.

Pro Tip: If you prefer a double cleanse as part of your natural skincare routine, the Jelly Cleanser is the perfect second step after oil cleansing with Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil.

Mad Hippie Sheer Tint Sunscreen Serum SPF 29

For the ocean-loving founders of Mad Hippie, creating a sunscreen with the most reef-safe ingredients possible was a priority. This serum-inspired face sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection with SPF 29 thanks to 13.5% non-nano zinc oxide. It features a sheer tint that comes in two shades (light/medium and medium/dark), as well as skin-loving active ingredients such as vitamin C, squalane, and hyaluronic acid.

Mad Hippie Triple C Night Cream

A reparative night cream is a key part of any natural skincare routine, and this formula packs a punch with vitamin C and a blend of antioxidant-rich plant-derived ingredients, including reishi and chaga mushrooms, cloudberry fruit extract, and turmeric. Together, these ingredients help improve skin discoloration and protect against environmental stressors such as pollutants.

Mad Hippie AHA Exfoliating Peel

This overnight facial treatment harnesses the power of alpha hydroxy acids to give your natural skincare routine an exfoliating boost while you sleep. Sugar cane-derived glycolic and lactic acid made from fermented beets team up to help improve skin tone and texture, while apple stem cells help improve the appearance of fine lines. Antioxidant-rich white tea and goji berry extracts help nourish skin and protect against free radicals.

Mad Hippie Mini Skin Brightening Kit

This cute little kit is a great way to kick off your best natural skincare routine with sample sizes of three of Mad Hippie’s most popular products. You’ll receive 0.5-ounce bottles of the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum and AHA Exfoliating Peel, as well as a 0.67-ounce jar of the Triple C Night Cream.

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